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Join us on our next adventure!

We're on our way to another International competition!

In 2022, we were named the 6th best chorus in the world in the Sweet Adelines International Chorus competition (our highest score & placement ever!). In spring of 2023, we won the Western Canadian championship, qualifying us to go back to the International competition in October 2024...making NOW the best time to join us!

OK . . . I'm interested.

Come check us out! Simply fill out our Guest Registration Form and come to see us in action. If you like, we'll give you a voice placement at the beginning of the night so that you may participate fully in the rehearsal, or you may choose to simply sit out and watch. Either way, we guarantee you'll have fun!

I want to join!

If you decide you love the chorus (and if we're being honest, we can't imagine that not happening!) and you want to join, we'll walk you through the entire audition process, providing you with learning materials and supporting you along the way. You'll have the opportunity to perform with us in the coming months, and even compete at the next International competition in fall 2024!

I have more questions!

Check out some common membership FAQs here, or contact our Membership Coordinator, at, or here

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